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Move Canada


  • Ryan

    Software Engineer

  • Reem

    Senior QA Analyst

  • Joel

    WhiteBox Tester

  • Joyce

    Web Developer

  • I started working in Support in 2007 and within a short time made my way up through the ranks into Tier II/Research. Then, with the help of the company's mentoring program, I made the move from Support to my current Software Engineer position. I have had great opportunities to advance through the company and my supervisors have always encouraged me.

    My day consists of coding, and communicating with my team members and between teams. Every day is something new; the business is constantly changing so you need to adapt with it. The working environment at Move Canada is very encouraging and rewarding. If you put in the effort you see the results. I always wake up happy to be coming to work.

    My advice for new hires is, if you want something then aspire to it and make sure you share your ideas no matter how small. It's those ideas that build you as an employee and also the company as a whole.

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    I started working at Move Canada in 2008 as a co-op student doing black box testing, I did an 8 months co-op term followed by another 8 months. By the end of my 4th co-op term, the company started hiring new testers so I applied for one of the positions and got hired full time.

    Move recognizes hard working employees and promotes from within. In 5 years I've moved from a junior to senior QA analyst.

    Move also believes that education is important so we have a program in the company to reimburse some of the tuition fees if any of the employees decide to go back to school. This program has been very useful to me personally since a few years back I decided to improve my database skills and took a course at BCIT and recently decided to pursue a Master’s degree at SFU.

    A typical day for me starts with a 15 min kick off meeting with the team. It also involves lots and lots of testing, creating test cases, entering bugs in our bug tracking system, retesting fixed bugs and investigating issues. Working here never gets boring; there is always a new project to test, new features to add and something new to learn every day.

    There are so many things I like about working here; the people, the flexible hours, the challenge and of course the chocolate, candy and doughnuts that people bring to work. If I had to choose just one thing I like the most, it would have to be the people. People at Move are very talented, helpful and fun to work with.

    Team work and communication are very important at Move; the work here is challenging but fun, new ideas are encouraged in the company, we’ve had 2 hackathon events in the past year and just looking at what people have been able to accomplish in 2 days and how passionate they are about their products is simply breathtaking.

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    I started working at Move Canada in 2010 as a Technical Support Rep and had the opportunity to assist with interviewing and training new employees in that department. Then I was given amazing opportunities to advance my career goals first as an Administrative Coordinator, then a huge step into Quality Assurance Testing. In my current position my technical and leadership skills have grown exponentially.

    My work day includes a scrum every morning to discuss project status. This meeting takes preparation in order to effectively communicate the condition of a project. My team functionally tests Back End Data Services and we deal with large amounts of Data from the US and MLS's all over North America. During lunch hours I take advantage of the company plan at the Steve Nash Sports Club.

    The people at Move Canada are great across the board, whether dealing with direct coworkers, HR or counterparts from the US. This is an environment that encourages growth. Development is fast paced with strong interaction between Dev and QA. We spend our time working closely together trying to solve issues early in the SDLC. The QA team is a pretty close group, all members are very helpful and strive to see each project succeed.

    If you continue to excel in your professional and technical skills you will get noticed in this company. I would advise new hires to stay hungry and strive to keep getting better. Keep a customer focus and you will get recognized.

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    I started out in the Customer Care department working as Technical Support Representative in 2011. From the start, I have expressed my interest in web development to my manager. Within few short months, I worked my way up to the Website Tier II position. Not long later, I was given an opportunity to advance to the FAC department as a Graphic Designer.

    During the time as a Graphic Designer, I have taken advantage the company’s tuition reimbursement benefits and kept my web development skills up to date through studies at a local technical institute. A little over 2 years into my time at Move Canada, I was given an opportunity to advance to the company’s B2B marketing department as a Web Developer. My manager and supervisor were very supportive every step of the way.

    My day at Move consists of coding and some designing. I work closely with the rest of the B2B marketing team located in Westlake Village and San Jose. New business arises every day in the marketing world and you must always be on your toes for new projects or sales emergencies! Even though the work environment is hectic sometimes, your hard work and efforts really show through.

    Other than hard work here at Move, there are a lot of perks and benefits. I had a couple chances to travel to San Jose, where our head office is located, to attend offsites and workshops. It gave me a chance to meet a lot of people within my team and the company, and not to mention free traveling!

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    Since starting at Move Canada in 1999 as a Support Technician, I was promoted through the Support department to Training Coordinator, then Floor Supervisor and then made a career change to Desktop Support Specialist in IT Operations.

    Most of my days include a mixture of: 'triage' for computer or system interruptions, new or replacement pc deployments, upgrading systems for compatibility, and innovation using technology for improved service & efficiency.

    The culture of our people, interesting events, and the determination to continually improve, are the things that I like best about working at Move. Our work environment is often challenging and great for personal and professional development.

    My advice to new hires is to find common ground with people at work, be open-minded to change, take initiative to get recognized, be alert to areas to improve and be prepared with solutions, and take time to have fun along the way. As with life, there are hills and valleys along the way but I find that if you strive for excellence in things you can control and find peace and faith in things you can't, the journey will develop skills and character you might not have imagined.

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    I started at Move Canada in 2006 as an Event Coordinator, and then had the opportunity to move to my current position in 2011. I’ve always been a mover in past jobs, always searching and jumping to the next challenge and looking for room to grow. Move has been the first company that I’ve stuck around for more than a few years.

    There are a lot of perks and benefits to working here. I really enjoy being on the Events Committee and being able to help coordinate events throughout the year to bring everyone together for some fun (like our Holiday Party, Barbeques, Movember charity campaign, watching the World Cup in the games room on the big screen, and more!). However, a big part of me being here (after 7 years!), has to do with the people who I work with; I love the people I work with! If you work hard and have a sense of humor and fun then you’ll fit right in!

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    I started working for Move Canada in 2006 as a Senior Software Engineer. Throughout the years I’ve taken on more responsibility in my role. I’ve mentored a colleague from another part of the organization and help them secure a role as a software developer. I was recently selected to be part of a new team dedicated to mobile application development, bringing our real estate expertise to the mobile marketplace.

    A typical day for me includes lively conversations with my co-workers, both locally and remotely by electronic means, mixed in with lots of coding and as much tea and coffee as I can drink. What I like best about working at Move is that people have pride in the products and services they are involved with, are keen to help others and are appreciated for their efforts. Our work environment includes a friendly, easy-going atmosphere and a spacious, well-equipped office that enables us to work effectively.

    My advice to new hires is to bring your enthusiasm and your new ideas with you. And it’s not all about hard work – we have an Events Committee for the fun stuff, too!

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    I started with Move Canada in 2006, through an employee referral. The interview process went smoothly – the recruiting team really knows how to make potential employees comfortable!

    The things I like best about working here is the constant challenge to do better and surpass my goals. Equally important is recognition and room to advance. Hard work, Loyalty and dedication pays off, leading to internal career advancement. Starting as a Sales Coach I quickly advanced into a supervisor position now working with Directors and CEO’s as the Sales Floor Manager with Top Producer feels good!

    Our atmosphere at Top Producer is fairly casual, but every department runs according to what’s best for that particular area. This is great to see in a large software company. I don’t believe any department suffers because of too much red tape. It’s great to work for a company that gets thing done!

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  • Tom

    Desktop Support Specialist

  • Nidine

    Customer Care
    Operations Coordinator

  • Garry

    Senior Android Developer

  • Kelly

    Assistant Manager,
    Outbound Sales

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