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Market Snapshot


Congratulations. We just gave you your local Master's degree.

How's the real estate market? Do you think I can sell my home and make some money? Is it a good time to buy? Buyers and sellers fire these questions at you every day, and according to Baylor University's "What do Consumers Expect from Real Estate Agents" study, answers to these questions are exactly what consumers want from their Agents and Brokers.

To dominate your local real estate market, you've got be the neighborhood expert, and Market Snapshot arms you with the local knowledge you need to give consumers the market insights they crave.

How can Market Snapshot
help me?


Master Your Local Market

Market Snapshot's "Comparative Market Analysis" puts you in the driver's seat of your own local locomotive. Publish the freshest neighborhood data on your real estate website, or provide direct links to your insights from your email signature or online marketing. And you can set it and forget it. Once you hit publish, it’s full steam ahead – we update the data automatically for you, so you won’t have to go back and redo your work.

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Stay in Touch with Your Neighborhood Newsletter

Send your prospects and sphere the information they want on a regular basis with Market Snapshot’s monthly newsletters. Share the latest local market trends, and give prospects the inside scoop on what’s happening in their favorite neighborhoods. And this newsletter’s not delivered by pony express, you have full integration with everything you do online. Send it by email, post a “subscribe” button on your website and blog, or have people sign up through your Facebook business page to create a comprehensive local online strategy.

Find Your Hottest Leads

Market Snapshot gives you a deep understanding of prospect interest, so you can focus on your hot internet leads and incubate the warm ones. You’ll see exactly who's responding to your market reports and how often they’re looking at them, while also getting some insight into their specific real estate interests. Plus, you’ll have all of your prospect contact information at your fingertips, so you can follow up fast and turn that hot lead into another client.

Share Your Knowledge with Social Media

Real estate’s a social business, and now, you can share your market knowledge easily on Social Media’s #1 site, Facebook®. Market Snapshot lets you turn your Facebook® business page into the local hub for real estate with monthly real estate market reports that are posted to your business page. You’ll be able to create a buzz and start the local conversation, and turn your business page into the local real estate hangout.

Integrates Seamlessly Online and Offline

Market Snapshot is designed to plug-in effortlessly to what you're already doing – it's the perfect lead-generation to complement your existing marketing efforts. Add a Market Snapshot internet lead capture form to your website, then, update your ads, postcards, and flyers to offer a free subscription to the latest local market reports and comparative market analysis. You’ll augment your marketing with powerful lead-generation, and deliver consumers the exact information they want to see.

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