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Top Producer Postcards
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Top Producer postcards can help you turn that direct mail expense into a direct response from a new client.

1"Lead Generation: What Really Works?" study, Keller Research Center, Baylor University

When you're looking to increase market share and dominate a neighborhood, visibility's the key. Top Producer Postcards can help you be seen regularly, and can help give you the local neighborhood visibility you need to succeed. Our direct mail programs will also help keep you connected with your sphere by sending out targeted campaigns on a regular schedule. You’ll stay top of mind, so that when your prospects decide to make a move, you'll be right there to help.

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Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards

You’ve had to work hard for your listings and sales, and now, you can start putting them to work for you. Top Producer’s Just Listed/Just Sold postcards let you maximize your leads by giving you a direct marketing system that reaches your sphere, farm, and the people that care the most, the neighbors. And as an additional bonus, we’re also giving you a mailing list that targets market areas you specify as part of the postcard system, so you can start dominating your local market, one neighborhood at a time.

*Set-up Fee is per mailing
Minimum order 100 cards | Maximum order 1000 cards

Personalize, Print & Mail, FAST With LivePost

After working a long, hard day, the last thing you want to do is sit down and work on mailers for a few hours. With Top Producer’s LivePost system, you don’t have to. LivePost takes all the stress out of your mailings and lets you personalize, print and mail, right from your computer in just minutes. And better yet, LivePost postcards are customized with your photo, logo and contact details, and we’ll actually print AND mail them FOR YOU. Point. Click. Deliver. It’s that easy.

Powerful. Easy. And Affordable.

Top Producer postcards aren’t just a powerful way to stay in touch, they’re easy to set up and use. And, in an economy where every dollar matters, you won’t have to break the bank to use them. Our system’s tailored to fit what you need, no matter what it is. You’ll be able to mail 1 postcard to say hello, or 1000 pieces to your entire farm. Whatever you decide to do, Top Producer postcards will help you do it, easily and affordably. LivePost Rates: Design, Print & Postage Included (No Minimum Order!)

Target Marketing that Helps you Hit Your Targets

Top Producer’s Postcards and Direct Mail systems give you the ability to target market to selected individuals. Have a new listing? Send “Sneak Peek” postcard to the neighbors and start working on your NEXT listing. Recent sale? Send out a postcard to your farm letting them know. Or, stay in touch with your entire sphere with a LivePost campaign. And, because we help compile your mailing list for you, you won’t have to hassle with purchasing anything extra from outside vendors. It’s an all-inclusive direct mail department – conveniently located at your finger tips.

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